[Mono-list] Unmanaged C++ library

Mario De Clippeleir mariodc at sydec.be
Wed Nov 25 07:52:53 EST 2009


I was wondering about using a native unmanaged c++ library (DLL on windows and dylib on mac). How can i accomplish this ? 

After reading http://www.mono-project.com/Interop_with_Native_Libraries I still was kind of lost.
I cannot change the callingconvention to extern "C" and since it is quite a large library, using the DLlimport. entrypoint field seems like a huge task.

So after some more investigation, the only solution i can think of is to write a C++/CLI wrapper around the native C++ library, so that all methods and classes are available from within .NET.

Is this really the only option ? Am i missing something ? Any better solutions ???



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