[Mono-list] Getting started with Clutter

daniel trampster at gmail.com
Sun Nov 22 05:12:55 EST 2009

Well, seeing as I so far have no reply, can I take that to mean that no 
one uses it, and therefore know one has any advice to give concerning it.

I see that the mono page points to a SVN repository for it, however if 
you look closely at the code it comes with the following warning:

Clutter and all of the related modules have migrated to a git
repository. This SVN repository is now read only and will no longer be
Please clone the git repository instead by typing:
  git clone git://git.clutter-project.org/clutter
There is also a web interface to it here:

I haven't tried it yet, But before I waste to much time on it I would 
like to know if it actually works.

As far as I can tell it is not in synaptic, however there are python 
bindings, and javascript bindings.

daniel wrote:
> I'm want to learn clutter using the c# bindings.
> I'm interested in any advice people can give about how to get started.
> What good tutorials are there that I can work through?
> Is there any good open source examples of it being used which I can 
> look at?
> Are the binding available in the Ubuntu 9.10 repros or do I need to 
> build them from source?
> Any other advice or tips would be very much appreciated.
> Cheers,
> Daniel

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