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Christian Prochnow cproch at seculogix.de
Sat Nov 21 07:00:46 EST 2009

Hi sirmak,

i'm sorry, but i must say that Mono is simply not ready to be used on
high-load sites. We tried using it on a medium loaded site and sadly had
to switch to Windows Server and Microsoft .NET.

With Mono the server quickly ran out of memory, which has unknown causes
(like stated on the Mono website). Using the auto restart mode was not
an option because it produces a big lag. Maybe this issue will become
obsolete with the new GC.
Also the in-process session state server seems to have issues. We have
seen duplicate session id's on different clients, but we could not
safely reproduce this issue. (could be a synchronisation issue).

Anyway, i would like to thank all Mono developers for this great project.

Best regards,


sirmak schrieb:
> Hi,
> I sent a similar message before and couldn't get an answer. Web Projects
> Using Mono section in  http://www.mono-project.com/Companies_Using_Mono
> Companies_Using_Mono  page is old, I checked every site there with alexa and
> there is no commerical high load site in the list. Wikipedia only uses it
> for search with lucene.net and Mozilla is only using deki.
> Isn't there ANY high load site reference in mono community that constructed
> with mono ?
> Cheers,

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