[Mono-list] OT: How to remove an (VERY) outdated project from NovellForge?

Antonello Provenzano antonello at deveel.com
Fri Nov 20 21:04:03 EST 2009

Hi Guys...

I'm sorry for the OT question, but on the Website of NovellForge
there's no "contact us"-like link to refer to, after 15 minutes of
searching, I decided to point to the closest peer (Mono indeed).

As some might remember, years ago I created a project named Minosse
RDBMS, my first attempt to create a RDBMS, and I hosted it to the then
newly-created NovellForge website: since I recently established a
working project (DeveelDB at http://db.deveel.com), I decided to
remove the previous (and *very* old!) one...
Unfortunately, when I registered the project I did on behave of the
email address "antonello at minosse.com", which domain I don't own
anymore (since the project was dead, I left it expire): do you know
anyone working on NovellForge (or anyone working at NovellForge is
reading) who could help me with this issue?

Thank you very much and sorry again for the big OT!


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