[Mono-list] signing drivers under Linux

Mike Frysinger vapier.adi at gmail.com
Tue Nov 10 22:27:26 EST 2009

i have an open source package that can be entirely cross-compiled and
packaged up for Windows, all from under Linux.  i'm trying to now
integrate some drivers and the last step is the code signing.  this
isnt strictly mono related, but some of the aspects are integrated
into mono, so here i am.

this process can be broken down into two steps:
 - inf2cat: create .cat file from .inf and executable files
 - signtool: sign the .cat and executable files (authenticode)

while the signtool step was easy to convert via the signcode tool (and
working around ASN limitations and verisign #316337), the inf2cat step
isnt falling into place.  the WDK version is a .NET program, so i
figured it'd be easy to run through mono.

after manually forcing all paths to lowercase, i ended up with:
$ mono inf2cat.exe /driver:drivers/ /os:XP_X86,XP_X64
Signability test complete.



Signability test failed.

stracing this shows that the host library paths are searched like so:
and it looks for {lib,}wintrust.{dll,so,la} ... maybe it's using
libltdl ?  at any rate, even after getting this file from a Windows
system and sticking it into /usr/lib64/ temporarily, it still fails
the same way (the strace output shows that it found & opened the dll
in question).  i'm not sure getting this tool to work isnt going to
happen ...

has anyone else tried to do this kind of thing ?  perhaps there is
some util out there to create a .cat file easily ... but googling for
things like "cat" or "inf" or "mono" doesnt really yield anything

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