[Mono-list] Using mdb on a "hardened" system?

Mike Edenfield kutulu at kutulu.org
Sat Nov 7 11:41:03 EST 2009

I've recently put MonoDevelop onto a system that's running Hardened
Gentoo -- the kernel has PaX active and the compiler defaults to PIE +
SSP for all applications.

I can successfully run applications normally by disabling some of the
PaX protections on /usr/bin/mono, but I've been unable to debug
applications.  When I try to start an application via mdb (or via the
monodevelop-debugger plugin) I get this:

EXCEPTION: Mono.Debugger.TargetMemoryException: Cannot read 8 bytes from
target memory at address 0x0049de20

Does anyone have experience with this kind of setup?  Is there something
I can do to make this work, or is it just never going to work on this


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