[Mono-list] VB .NET and default instances

Styma, Robert E (Robert) robert.styma at alcatel-lucent.com
Tue Nov 3 09:00:00 EST 2009

> Hi,
> > 
> > Hi,
> >    I have inherited a VB.net application.  The application
> > is currently developed under Visual Studio 2008 and is
> > a GUI using a bunch of Windows Forms.  I would
> > like to be able to run this under Linux and it appears I
> > need Mono to do this.  In the documentation, I noticed
> > the documentation mention that the "Default Instance"
> > is not supported.  This application happens to use this
> > feature in several places.
> Default Instances was implemented some time ago, where did 
> you read this so
> that I can update the documentation?
> >    The way I have seen this done in Java is to have a
> > "getInstance() method which accesses a static copy of the
> > object and creates it the first time getInstance() is called.
> > Would this be a workable mechanism to get the program
> > to run under Mono?  It would be a pretty easy change to make.
> > 
> >    The documentation seems to say that I can run the .exe
> > created by Visual Studio with the Mono Runtime if I can get
> > the libraries correct.  I have not been able to do this yet,
> > but I am thinking I need to clean up the default instance issue
> > first.  Is this the case?
> No, default instances needs to be supported by the vb 
> compiler, you should
> still be able to run the application with the Mono Runtime. 
> Can you explain
> exactly what you've done and what happens?
> Rolf
> > 
> > Bob Styma
> > Phoenix, Az, USA

Hi Rolf,
  Thank you for your response.  I unfortunatly cannot be much help
on the documentation case.  I read this some time ago and it may have
been fixed.  I started playing with Mono be following the bread crumbs
after trying to run under wine.  I have been looking at this now and
then for the past year or so.  Each time brings me closer, but 
it never quite runs.

   One of the previous responders pointed me to MoMa, which I found to
be a rather elegant tool.  It identified a number of calls which are not
supported.  Many of them are in the printer compatibility library 
(Microsoft.VisualBasic.PowerPacks.Printing.Printer.dll) which
this application uses.  Some of the calls (like CreateObject) which 
is used to invoke Excel, will probably not get implemented any time soon.

   This program draws lots of intricate forms, so I am loathe to rewrite 
all that code to use the native .Net drawing.  

   Thank you again for your response, this port will just have to 
wait for another day.

Bob Styma

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