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Casper Bang casper at jbr.dk
Tue Nov 3 06:04:41 EST 2009

I have to at least partly agree with you here daniel, while I would love to
smartphone applications using C#/Mono, getting an iPhone to do so is not
a compromise I'm willing to make. Too expensive for the masses (outside
of the US anyway) and way too much dictatorship. Frankly, I think Apple and
the iPhone is at its peak at the moment as they transition from small
and lightweight to large and heavy.

Miguel did blog about it a couple of years ago
[http://tirania.org/blog/archive/2007/Nov-13-1.html] and as you mention,
Koushik did get a prototype up and running earlier this year
but since then not much has happened.

Of course, we are free to join in and work on this ourselves (the
typical response) but I just wanted to add that I have also talked to
several other Android developers who would not mind a more expressive
language as well as better runtime, as also investigated by Koushik


On Tue, Nov 3, 2009 at 11:23 AM, daniel <trampster at gmail.com> wrote:

> What are mono projects plans regarding Android.
> I see that a basic port has been done but that its not good for much
> more then a hello world app.
> I assumed that strategically Android would be more important to mono
> then the iphone. Given that android has a Linux kernel and is open
> source, it seems to be a much better fit for mono then what the iphone
> is. And as such would have a larger mind share amongst mono developers.
> Instead a lot of effort has gone in to supporting the most closed and
> tightly controlled mobile platform in existence.
> Predictions are that android will overtake the iphone in market share by
> 2012. Not only is Android free and open source google is actually paying
> venders to use android (http://tinyurl.com/yzqjmkq). Companies like
> motorola are betting their future on android.
> Being able to use mono to do cross platform mobile development would be
> awesome. But the catch is in order to capture a decent share of android
> development you will have to be in early.
> The appeal of mono is that it enables cross platform .net development,
> if so why concentrate so much on a single platform to the exclusion of
> the others. (surely its not because you can charge for mono touch, if so
> the mono project has strayed very far from its roots)
> It seems to me that mono is excursively betting everything on the wrong
> horse.
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