[Mono-list] SerialPort doesn't work

Adrián Bulnes mono at urriellu.net
Sun May 31 12:38:12 EDT 2009

I've tried the example from http://www.mono-project.com/HowToSystemIOPorts 
with and without modification. I've also tried other examples from other 
websites, but nothing works. I didn't try to send data (right now I can't 
test it) but I tried to receive data and it just doesn't receive anything.

I'm not using the DataReceived event (I tried too, but obviously doesn't 
work). I have the right permissions. I can receive data from the same device 
when using other native programs, such as gtkterm. I'm in the uucp group. 
Running my tests as root doesn't receive anything either.

I tried Read() and ReadByte(). None of the receive anything. If I 
set "ReadTimeout" I always get a TimeoutException. If I don't set a timeout, 
it keeps waiting forever.

I can get the list of available serial ports using SerialPort.GetPortNames(). 
I'm setting the port name properly, because when I intentionally put it 
wrong, It throws the correct exception.

I tried both closing and not closing the port before opening it.

I tried calling the SerialPort constructor without parameters and then setting 
them one by one before calling Open(). I also tried putting all parameters 
when calling the constructor.

Mono is accessing the device, it's properly shown when I 
do "lsof /dev/my_serial_port".

I can read the BaudRate, DataBits, StopBits, Parity and PortName properly.

Everything seems to work fine, but nothing is received.

I'm using a USB-serial converter, based on an FT232 chip, which works fine 
with other programs and even doing "cat /dev/ttyUSB0" (well, not always, but 
I think it's a configuration problem, nothing to do with this), but I can't 
receive anything with C#+Mono+linux.

What else can I try? Could it be a Mono bug?

Thank you very much

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