[Mono-list] mod mono and Apache is hanging :/

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Will RHEL5 support MONO?

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rlejsza wrote:
> Hi, 

> I've got Apache 2.2 and Mono 2.4 installed on my web server.
> from time to time mono hangs (usually 1 time in 2 days). On this
server is
> running only one application and it isn't under big load. 
> What is the best solution to find out why it's hanging? Application is
> compiling without smallest warnings or errors.
Compile mod_mono with debugging turned on, then turn on debugging for
the virtual host your 
application runs in (put MonoDebug youralias on in the vhost config
where youralias is the name you 
used in the MonoSetServerAlias directive)

You should get output in apache's error log next time something happens.

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