[Mono-list] Joining multicast groups with Socket

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Fri May 22 12:36:11 EDT 2009

markohrastovec wrote:
> I am not sure if it is OK to work that way. I think joining multicast group
> should work with no default gateway too. It is true that multicast IP I was
> using is outside of the network ( because all multicast adresses
> have reserved IP space out of any other network. But adding a default
> gateway that does not exist is not a sensible solution for me.

In place of a bogus route you may want to set a correct mcast route:

	route add -net netmask dev eth0

Replace "eth0" by the alias of your interface.

> I am writing this to help anyone that may encounter similar problems. I also
> hope some mono developers will take a look at it and maybe correct it in the
> future releases. I didn't test that in .NET & Windows since I don't use
> multicast there. I was using mono 2.4 on Centos 5.3.

Mono cannot fix local configuration problems.


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