[Mono-list] Thread 802600 has exited with leftover thread-specific data after 4 destructor iterations exception

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Tue May 19 16:45:56 EDT 2009

Hi Andrus,

Andrus Moor wrote:
> Robert,
>> It seems to be an io-layer issue. Try to run this test a few
>> times in a row to see if you can reproduce the error:
> I added method to web service:
> [WebMethod]
> public void Test(ref UserCredentials header)

If you have a shell account, try to run the code I've posted
from the command line.

> My planned ISP can install Linux+mod_mono in its Virtual Private Server
> hosting package instead of FreeBSD+mod_mono.
> Is it OK to let him select Linux which he wants or should I require some
> specific one ?

The latest (11.1) OpenSUSE, for example.

> Shoudl I add my assemblies to  <assemblies> section in compilation tag ?

This is not necessary since they are picked automatically from
"bin". Just ensure that the assemblies are baked by their MDBs.

>> Another reason for missing line numbers is a missing
>> .mdb file for the offending assembly. If it was compiled with
>> MS CSC it likely doesn't have one.
> For mono .NET framework assemblies line numbers are shown in exceptions.
> I'm developing using VWD2008 Express.
> How to create .mdb files when developing with VWD2008 Express?

The current SVN trunk is containing pdb2mdb:



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