[Mono-list] Cross compiling Mono for PowerPC

Chris Plasun chrispl78 at yahoo.com
Fri May 8 03:17:49 EDT 2009

>> Hi,
>> I would like to run Mono apps on a PowerPC Linux board (MPC8313).
>> Is there a way I can cross compile Mono apps for the PowerPC 
>> architecture, or
>> do I need to cross compile Mono itself for the PowerPC?
>> Thanks,
>> Chris Plasun
> Hi Chris,
> If your target platform is running Linux, most distributions will 
> package Mono already, with the right bits compiled for PowerPC, and then 
> you only need to copy your application's binaries and run.
> If you do need to compile Mono from source, you only need to 
> cross-compile the C runtime portions of Mono. Applications written on 
> top of Mono are compiled to IL, an intermediate language bytecode that's 
> arch-independent and JIT-compiled to native code on the target platform. 
> What you can do is cross-compile the C runtime bits, and compile the 
> class library (all compiled to IL, doesn't need cross-compiling) and 
> your application on your (presumably more powerful) dev box, and deploy 
> those to your target platform.
> Hope that answers your questions,
> Bojan Rajkovic

Hi Bojan,

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, that is what I would like to do. My target platform is "embedded" 
Linux, it's very limited. Not even a C compiler.

I've built a C++ cross compiler for my platform from a cross compiler 
kit and I've downloaded the Mono source.

I was going to go through the make files and find out the minimal 
components required for the run time, but this is way over my head =)

Can you please tell what exactly I need to compile for the run time?

Thanks a lot!

Chris Plasun

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