[Mono-list] passing MonoArray from c#

fozzie david_aiken at yahoo.com
Sun May 3 16:32:02 EDT 2009

Thanks B-)! That cleans up the property/field/getStrings/getLinks tests

Once i hit the MonoEmbed:LinksRefExample i'm in the rough again. Do you know
if there is a way to pass an unmanaged pointer as a ref (or even out)
argument to a managed method and get it filled with data? There are
situations where it would be convenient to fill more than one data structure
since calls to the managed side are expensive.

Speaking of which, the moonlight code makes heavy use of delegates.. perhaps
because of performance? I tried to use a delegate to get the link data, but
the test

    retLinks = (*the_delegates.the_stringsfield_delegate)();

crashes immediately on entry. Can you tell me if i'm doing something wrong?
I just tried it again:
- the compiler seems happy with the managed/unmanaged code
- registerDelegates() is called to set the function pointers on the
unmanaged side
- the C# side does not execute (i doubt it ever has run properly) and the
crash occurs immediately 

Anyway, this is undoubtedly a pain for you - i'll post the updated tests
once they're working so other users can benefit from your help..
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