[Mono-list] Mono and its limitations

Stifu stifu at free.fr
Tue Mar 31 03:52:25 EDT 2009

You don't need to use the Mono IDE (MonoDevelop) in order to make
cross-platform applications. You can simply use Visual Studio. Besides,
using MonoDevelop on Windows isn't (easily) possible yet. Solutions are
compatible between Visual Studio and MonoDevelop, too (at least C# ones are,
I guess the same goes for VB), so you should be able to work on the same
project from Windows and Debian.

However, note that you can develop in VB8 with Mono, but not with VB9 (yet).
But VB9 apps will still run fine with Mono, you just can't compile them with
Mono. From what I gathered, C# just gets more love than VB, and you may
stumble on things that work in C# but have no VB support yet... So in case
you were considering trying C#, now is the right time, I guess. :)

Marco Trapanese wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm from Italy and I'm sorry if my English is not so good. I hope it's
> good enough to explain whatever I'm going to say :-)
> I'm new to Mono and I read through the forum and the website.
> Anyway I'm not sure I understood all its qualities and limitations.
> To simplify the question, let me to use an example:
> "I install the Mono IDE on a Windows machine and a Debian Linux one. I can
> develop code in VB.NET on both ones and the compiled files will be
> executed on both as well. I can also use my .NET third-party library (eg.
> http://www.dundas.com/Products/Gauge/NET/index.aspx) on Linux machines."
> The sentences I've just write are true? Otherwise what I can't do?
> I'd like to use Mono instead of Visual Basic .NET Express in order to
> develop cross-platform application.
> Thanks in advance
> Marco Trapanese
> Femtotech
> Italy

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