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Bojan Rajkovic bojanr at brandeis.edu
Sat Mar 28 21:52:15 EDT 2009

Aric Holland wrote:
> Hello,
> I am new to mono. I was trying to write an software project in C#, but 
> my project is GUI based, so I have to rely on mono's gui designer. 
> Well you see the problem is, the grid container control, which I add 
> to my form does not allow me to precisely align my controls to the 
> grid. I don't know what im doing wrong, but it's quite annoying. I'm 
> basically looking for a grid system comparable to Visual Studio's.
You're not really going to get this with GTK+ and GTK#. GTK's way of 
doing this is to use autosizing containers like tables, VBox/HBoxes, 
etc. in order to hold controls. These containers tell the controls how 
much space they're allowed, and the controls draw in it. This allows for 
easy autosizing of controls, but it does not make a grid system like 
Visual Studio's easy, or particularly useful.

There should be some GTK tutorials around that explain how to work with 
GTK's layout system. Glade tutorials may also be helpful, as Glade is 
the UI designer for GTK+/GTKmm (the original C library/C++ binding).

Good luck,
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