[Mono-list] Bluetooth socket in NET/MONO

Petit Eric surfzoid at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 16:09:56 EDT 2009

i'm not complety  sur, but i think i have a trickly case, let me try
to explain, i play with bluetooth under nux and win, at this time, i m
sur MS use a socket familly 0x20, bluez use a 0x1F (32) one,when i try
to create a socket under linux with fammilly 0x1F or 0x20, i have an
error "An address incompatible with the requested protocol was used",
when i made a socket under windows with 0x20 it is okay and with 0x1F
i have also the "incompatible" error, i see in the framework
(Net/mono) enum familly there isn't the 0x20 and 0x1F, so that would
say MS manage silently the 0X20 fammily in Net framework and mono not

or simply there isn't an "overwrite" method to "bypass" this error ?

For information, i use the Bluez-sharp wrapper who seem ready for
linux and windows, i have modified it and start to write a MonoObex
project to provite full obex protocol and common transport
(Irda,Serial, Bluetooth and USB) in C#, the modified version can be
found here :
I use the project "TestObex", whose at this time, seem to be a really
good starting point, since it can conect and list folders with
Microsoft Bluetooth Stack, so once i will be able to have a Bluez
socket under linux ............. :-)



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