[Mono-list] Mono and high performance server applications

Hardik Belani hardikbelani at gmail.com
Tue Mar 10 15:45:58 EDT 2009


I am new to Mono and highly excited to see a framework like Mono available
for linux.

I have few fundamental queries,

1. Is Mono mature and stable enough to be considered for using it to built a
high performance platform independent server application. Can you provide
any example of a good server application written on top of Mono?

2. Also why one should decide to use Mono instead of Java to write platform
independent server application (specially when primary requirement for
server is to run on linux with top performance).

3. Are we going to face any performance issues as application grows in size
and complexity? What are the performance issues when an application runs on
top of Mono as compared to an application written using c/c++.

Hardik Belani
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