[Mono-list] Managed C++ Class Library

eSPiYa vdolosa at gmail.com
Tue Jun 30 05:17:10 EDT 2009

I've been using C# and Mono for almost a year for the cross-platform
implementation of my projects.

Now, I'm starting to migrate some of the existing C++ projects to .NET 2.0
instead of creating a wrapper for it due to performance issues.

Here are the sample codes:
Tests.h --Header File
using namespace System;

namespace TestFuncs {

	public ref class MyClass
		int DoSomething();

Tests.cpp --Source File
#include "Tests.h"

namespace TestFuncs {
	int MyClass::DoSomething()
		return 100;

TestCSharp --console application in C#
namespace TestCSharp
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            TestFuncs.MyClass MyTest = new TestFuncs.MyClass();

I've successfully compiled the project using MSVS 2005's C++ compiler then
add it as a reference for my C# console application for testing. It is
working fine in .NET but when I tried it in mono I receive an error:
implement type compare for 1b error.
During the investigation I found out that the error occurs at the
constructor part TestFuncs.MyClass MyTest = new TestFuncs.MyClass();.

How to solve this?
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