[Mono-list] ASP.Net default language setting lost while update

Jochen Wezel - CompuMaster GmbH jwezel at compumaster.de
Tue Jun 30 10:54:49 EDT 2009


after I updated to Mono 2.4.2, I realized that the webserver doesn't work any more as expected.
This is because I configured the /etc/mono/2.0/web.config to use VB.NET as default language (before I installed the update).
After the update, this setting was overridden and pointed to C# again.

Since updates can be installed automatically by the Auto-Updater feature of OpenSUSE, it may fail again in future when next update is available.

Is there any plan to prevent overriding of my custom settings? 
Or if no and it always overrides, can it override with the default M$ value (=VB) to keep compatible to M$ behaviour?


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