[Mono-list] Where can I get Mono SRPMs?

Paul paul at all-the-johnsons.co.uk
Sat Jun 27 17:38:55 EDT 2009


> Apologies if this is a n00b question, but I've tried general Googling as well
> as searching go-mono.com and I can't seem to find links to download the
> source RPMs for Mono. I'm looking to build RPMs for CentOS 5 and while I
> could do that from source, I'd be much happier if I could just get hold of
> SRPMs and save myself some trouble. :)

You can grab the CentOS ones (well, fedora ones) from
downloads.fedora.redhat.com (http) or download.fedoraproject.org (ftp).

Rawhide is currently on 2.4.2 rc1. f11 is on 2.4.0


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