[Mono-list] Cross compiling mono 2.4 to PowerPC

Dushara Jayasinghe DusharaJ at optiscan.com
Tue Jun 23 23:38:57 EDT 2009


I'm trying to cross compile mono 2.4 embedded PowerPC based system. For a couple of reasons, I'm trying to avoid building mono in the target itself. These are the steps I took:

1. Modified Configure.in Makefile.am to avoid compiling the libraries when in cross compile mode. - I needed this step because, the build system attempts to build libraries using mono itself.

2. Compiled the binaries for the target system.

3. Compiled mono for for the host system.

4. Copied the mono binary (built in step 2) and mscorlib.dll (built in step 3) to the target system.

However, when I try to execute a mono app, I get the following error:

The file /usr/lib/mscorlib.dll is an invalid CIL image

Does the DLL in question contain native code? If not, is there any way I can overcome this problem?


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