[Mono-list] server-sided concepts in Mono / ASP.NET vs. Java EE

Tobi Ulm tu at tobiasulm.net
Wed Jun 17 04:25:12 EDT 2009

Hi Kristian,

the current mono release 2.4 is somewhere between .net 2.0 and .net 3.5, but
it's not .net 3.0.

- we use the ressource assemblies for that.

- On the MS .net side there is the only "old" Application Server COM+ which
is being replaced some days. Right now there are two ways on the MS
plattform to host J2EE like apps. COM+ components (like beans, look under
System.EnterpriseServices. ServicedComponent; not supported in mono) and
Windows Communication Foundation (WCF, .net 3.0, not implemented in mono,
look at mono Olive). WCF is MS distributed Framework of the future, but the
only thing which is missing is an AppServer. So MS is working on an
Application Server for Windows and WCF, which codename is Dublin. in mono
there is, what i know, no Application Server where you can host .net
Components. Never used the spring framework.

- there are many ways for ORM in .net and mono. there is nhibernate, typed
datasets, LINQ to DataBases, EntityModel and a lot of others. But ORM is
sometimes not good:

- for Java <=> .net interop look for following:

greetings from lower bavaria


Kristian Rink-6 wrote:
> [resent as posting through gmame obviously doesn't work when not
> subscribed
> to the list as well]
> Folks;
> sorry if maybe this is a stupid question, nevertheless so far I don't know
> of any smarter way to answer this: Being a Java EE developer most of the
> time (and, for that matters, focused on the server / backend
> infrastructure
> side of the game), I just happened to have a look at Mono a few days ago,
> mainly out of personal interest.
> However, so far I feel pretty much "lost" in here, mostly lacking
> experience
> and knowledge regarding general concepts in the "server sided Mono" world.
> Maybe someone could enlighten me here a bit:
> - In Java EE, I am sort of used to write code, pack both my compiled code
> and additional resources (images, XML, whatever) into a .war or .jar file
> and have this deployed to my application server, same way being capable of
> undeploying / replacing it in case I changed something or just want the
> application to be removed altogether. As this has proven to be rather
> useful
> (both in terms of reducing server downtime and, of course, in terms of
> providing an application as an "independent package" easily to be dumped
> to
> some running server), I wonder whether the Mono / .NET world offers a
> similar concept?
> - In most situations, I try my best to keep things separated, in most
> cases
> making use of EJBs (or Spring beans) for backend / business logic and
> something like JSPs, JSFs, ... for providing user interfaces. (How) Can I
> have a separation of concerns like this in a Mono based server sided
> application? Talking about this, does anyone have any experiences using
> the
> Springframework.NET atop Mono?
> - Talking about database integration, does Mono offer features like O/R
> mapping or container managed persistence to store / retrieve domain
> objects
> off a backend database system? Furthermore, does Mono know about something
> like an "application server" in the  Java EE terminology (as a container
> providing support for things like persistence, transaction, messaging,
> ...)?
> - Generally, are there any tutorials or comparisons addressing these
> questions out there on-line?
> Sorry to bother you with this, and thanks in advance for any replies.
> Best regards,
> Kristian
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