[Mono-list] server-sided concepts in Mono / ASP.NET vs. Java EE

Tom Opgenorth opgenorth at gmail.com
Fri Jun 19 09:54:00 EDT 2009

On Fri, Jun 19, 2009 at 01:51, Kristian Rink<lists at zimmer428.net> wrote:
> In the Java EE environment, at the very least while dealing with EJB entity
> or session beans, the undeployment / deployment mechanism ensures that,
> whenever I have a "modified" version of my classes ready to be deployed to
> the server, any (by then obsolete) existing instances of "previous" versions
Ah, okay. Yes, .NET will handle the situation in a similar fashion, so
you should be okay.

> Ooh. Okay. :) Well for what I have seen so far, in some situations hibernate
> can be painful, and in Java at the moment I try to avoid it in favour of
> other options, but if NHibernate is there and works the same way, it's the
> tool of choice I guess... Do you know whether there's any tooling support
> (monodevelop?) for dealing with tools like hibernate?
Not really.  There is the Fluent NHibernate library.  I've been trying
it out, and I've found it a bit easier that the XML based mappings.

One tool I've found handy with NHibernate is the NHibernate Profiler.
It's pretty helpful for showing what's going on.  It's a commercial
product, but well worth it IMHO.


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