[Mono-list] Thread 802600 has exited with leftover thread-specific data after 4 destructor iterations exception

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Tue Jun 16 06:14:19 EDT 2009

Andrus Moor wrote:
>>> How to get line numbers ?
>> Assuming that mono can read the mdb file and it contains the correct
>> information, you need to run mono with --debug, like "mono --debug
>> myapp.exe".
> Thank you.
> This is web applicaton. After Adding MonoDebug line numbers appear.
> If I delete mdb file so that there is no mdb file and replace dll file with 
> new version I got exception:
> 0:0 ** (/usr/local/lib/mono/2.0/gmcs.exe:7267): WARNING **: Symbol file
> /tmp/www-data-temp-aspnet-0/161e1492/assembly/shadow/f1000cb4/bf017f39_4e01738d_00000001/DbLinq.dll.mdb
> doesn't match image

This is a harmless warning. You can get rid of it by removing
/tmp/www-data-temp-aspnet-0 and starting over.

> I used mono control panel to start everything but exception still appears.
> It seems that mono tries to use old shadow copy of mdb file.
> Is this mono bug ?

It is one, but as said, a harmless one. Please file a bug stating
that xsp/mono-mono will try to reuse the .mdb of the shadow copy
even if the original doesn't have a .mdb anymore.


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