[Mono-list] Thread 802600 has exited with leftover thread-specific data after 4 destructor iterations exception

Andrus Moor kobruleht2 at hot.ee
Mon Jun 15 14:42:45 EDT 2009


>> For mono .NET framework assemblies line numbers are shown in exceptions.
>> I'm developing using VWD2008 Express.
>> How to create .mdb files when developing with VWD2008 Express?
> The current SVN trunk is containing pdb2mdb:
> http://evain.net/blog/articles/2009/04/27/pdb2mdb-and-mono-cecil-pdb

I created DbLinq.dll.mdb using


and copied it to
the same bin directory where DbLinq.dll resides.

Stack trace still does not show line numbers for DbLinq.dll file.

pdb file size is  about 1 MB but mdb is only 100 kB.
Below in pdb2mdb output which complains about 707 missing symbols.

How to get line numbers ?


no symbol for method get_ProviderTypes
no symbol for method set_ProviderTypes
no symbol for method MergeSafe
no symbol for method RemoveSafe
no symbol for method System.Collections.IEnumerable.GetEnumerator
no symbol for method 
no symbol for method System.Collections.IEnumerator.Reset
no symbol for method System.Collections.IEnumerator.get_Current

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