[Mono-list] Agreement Novell - Microsoft

Charlie Poole charlie at nunit.com
Tue Jun 9 18:17:26 EDT 2009

> Richard Stallman: Mono is a free implementation of 
> Microsoft's language C#.
> Microsoft has declared itself our enemy and we know that 
> Microsoft is getting patents on some features of C#. So I 
> think it's dangerous to use C#, and it may be dangerous to 
> use Mono. There's nothing wrong with Mono. Mono is a free 
> implementation of a language that users use. It's good to 
> provide free implementations. We should have free 
> implementations of every language. But, depending on it is 
> dangerous, and we better not do that.

Richard Stallman (July, 2001): GNU Mono and DotGNU will enable 
you to run your C# programs on the free GNU/Linux operating system 
using exclusively free software. With DotGNU and Mono, you will be 
able to use C# if you wish, without surrendering your freedom to 
study, share, change, and generally control all the software 
that you use.

Not that there's anything wrong with changing your mind, but
one has to wonder. :-)


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