[Mono-list] Converting over from VS 2k8

Mike Needham jmikeneedham at gmail.com
Tue Jun 9 12:52:50 EDT 2009


I am new to Mono Develop and I am using SuSE Linux 11.1 (and soon on my Mac
with Leopard 10.5 as well).

I have a project that I am working on that originally was just a VS 2k8
website in C#/ASP.NET and I am trying to get it to work inside MonoDevelop

2 items:

First -- I am thinking of making a web app inside of Mono and bringing my
old project files into the system.  When I first tried this, it will not
compile.  I have a page in place that gives me a "global" set of variables
and this changes the "namespace" (more than happy to provide the files if
someone is willing to help).   I would like to get things in place to
convert to a webapp that MD can use.

Second -- I can not seem to get a design view in MD.  Help is most
appreciated and I am a noob to both ASP.NET and C# as well as a complete
noob to MD.

Thanks in advance.

J. Mike Needham
jmikeneedham at gmail.com
Lawrence, Kansas 66046
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