[Mono-list] Web service cannot find assembly when placed to subfolder

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Fri Jun 5 15:00:21 EDT 2009

Andrus Moor wrote:
> Robert,
> Thank you.
>>> ~/www/htdocs/demo/StockService.asmx
>>> ~/www/htdocs/demo/Bin/Myapp.Service.dll
>> Try to rename "Bin" to "bin".
> Rename does not help.
> If assembly is placed to root directory: www/htdocs/Bin/Myapp.Service.dll
> exception does not occur. So for strange reason  demo directory tries to
> access root bin directory.
> However I want to place whole application to demo subtree.

I believe that mod_mono's autohosting does not support this


Try to remove "htdocs/bin" so that mod_mono does not detect
the virtual path "/" as an application. Also remove
htdocs/web.config and htdocs/global.asax, if any.


> I have no rights to modify apache config in this shared mod_mono hosting.
> Which config changes I must order from ISP or is there some other solution ?

Try the suggestion above before resorting to other solutions.


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