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TheBlueSky eamhm07 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 5 13:29:07 EDT 2009

Thanks, I guess I'll add Unity to my references :)

Now, anybody has an idea about:

1. Wikipedia 
2. VistaDB 
3. The Sims 3 

Stifu wrote:
> I'm almost sure Unity is made with Mono (and it was originally a Mac-only
> product before they switched to C#, and I don't think they'd have switched
> if Mono wasn't there, since otherwise that'd mean no longer supporting
> Mac).
> Also, this is what a Unity developer posted yesterday on Miguel's blog:
> "The majority of C# work done at Unity Technologies are done with
> MonoDevelop - and yes, we want it to be good enough to be the default
> editor as well."
> http://tirania.org/blog/archive/2009/Jun-04.html
> Hope that helps.
> TheBlueSky wrote:
>> Thank you for the piece you shared, I really appreciate it.
>> The project I was talking about isn't that complex or huge, although can
>> be a bit big, and based of my knowledge about Mono, I think it can fit
>> here (also based of my experience in .Net in general)... I'm also taking
>> it as a chance to learn something new ;)
>> Well, you're right, I had a look at Unity, but correct me if I'm wrong,
>> isn't it of the kind that works-with-Mono, instead of built-with-Mono.
>> Sorry, I just don't know much about Unity, and skimming through their
>> website previously, didn't really help in that matter. Any reference will
>> be very much appreciated.
>> Thanks again.
>> Stifu wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I take it you had a look at Unity?
>>> And any games made with Unity therefore rely on Mono, the last example
>>> I've heard about being that lego Star Wars game
>>> (http://tirania.org/blog/archive/2009/May-16.html).
>>> By the way, it's nice to push Mono in companies (I've done so too), but
>>> in order to avoid taking risks and getting into unexpected situations,
>>> it may be wise to first propose to try it with a little project, so you
>>> and your colleagues can first get used to it, better understand its
>>> limitations, and so on... Just to be on the safe side, especially if
>>> your colleagues are reluctant. I don't know how big the project you
>>> mentioned is, though.
>>> TheBlueSky wrote:
>>>> Hello everyone,
>>>> This isn't a technical question or something, but I'm trying to
>>>> convince the company I'm working with to use Mono for some project we
>>>> are doing (Linux only project). I, myself, came from strong .Net
>>>> background and I know what .Net is capable of, I mean in term of RAD
>>>> and such, however, other people around me is kind of "old-fashioned",
>>>> and they just can't (or their minds are just not ready to) get that
>>>> things are changing all the time, and what was the best yesterday,
>>>> doesn't necessarily the best today.
>>>> .Net has proven itself over the years, but that was all about Microsoft
>>>> .Net and only under Windows platforms, and still when you say .Net,
>>>> it's associated in people minds with Microsoft and Windows, of course
>>>> because it is, as there are relatively few people who know about ECMA
>>>> or ISO CLI and C#, but my point is that the trend is still "on Linux,
>>>> anything but .Net".
>>>> Anyway, long story ;) I'm also new to Mono, and I want to dive into it
>>>> and see how much of .Net it is and how good in Linux development it is.
>>>> For that, I started reading about it to used it; previously I just read
>>>> about it for curiosity, and I knew the project since the time it
>>>> started.
>>>> Beside all the talk about the architecture, the plan, the roadmap ...
>>>> etc., I'm also very much interested in finding strong references to
>>>> Mono, i.e. real-life application (enterprise or other), something that
>>>> shows the strength of Mono and how mature it is. I had a look at
>>>> http://mono-project.com/Software which was a pretty interesting list,
>>>> with pretty good applications, however, with few exceptions, most of
>>>> the applications there are:
>>>> 1. Unknown
>>>> 2. Just "not-a-big-deal"
>>>> 3. Works with Mono, in opposite to built with Mono
>>>> 4. I can't find a reference to Mono in
>>>> Don't get me wrong guys, but when I'm trying to prove something, I
>>>> should take what the builder of the application says, not what's
>>>> written on Mono website.
>>>> So, after such long speech, I want you people to help me in naming
>>>> real-life, well-known applications that are built with Mono and not
>>>> just work with it, or at least to help me find references to Mono role
>>>> in:
>>>> 1. Wikipedia
>>>> 2. VistaDB
>>>> 3. The Sims 3
>>>> Sorry again for the long speach ;) and thanks in advance,
>>>> TheBlueSky

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