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TheBlueSky eamhm07 at gmail.com
Fri Jun 5 05:47:46 EDT 2009

Hello everyone,

This isn't a technical question or something, but I'm trying to convince the
company I'm working with to use Mono for some project we are doing (Linux
only project). I, myself, came from strong .Net background and I know what
.Net is capable of, I mean in term of RAD and such, however, other people
around me is kind of "old-fashioned", and they just can't (or their minds
are just not ready to) get that things are changing all the time, and what
was the best yesterday, doesn't necessarily the best today.

.Net has proven itself over the years, but that was all about Microsoft .Net
and only under Windows platforms, and still when you say .Net, it's
associated in people minds with Microsoft and Windows, of course because it
is, as there are relatively few people who know about ECMA or ISO CLI and
C#, but my point is that the trend is still "on Linux, anything but .Net".

Anyway, long story ;) I'm also new to Mono, and I want to dive into it and
see how much of .Net it is and how good in Linux development it is. For
that, I started reading about it to used it; previously I just read about it
for curiosity, and I knew the project since the time it started.

Beside all the talk about the architecture, the plan, the roadmap ... etc.,
I'm also very much interested in finding strong references to Mono, i.e.
real-life application (enterprise or other), something that shows the
strength of Mono and how mature it is. I had a look at
http://mono-project.com/Software which was a pretty interesting list, with
pretty good applications, however, with few exceptions, most of the
applications there are:

1. Unknown
2. Just "not-a-big-deal"
3. Works with Mono, in opposite to built with Mono
4. I can't find a reference to Mono in

Don't get me wrong guys, but when I'm trying to prove something, I should
take what the builder of the application says, not what's written on Mono

So, after such long speech, I want you people to help me in naming
real-life, well-known applications that are built with Mono and not just
work with it, or at least to help me find references to Mono role in:

1. Wikipedia
2. VistaDB
3. The Sims 3

Sorry again for the long speach ;) and thanks in advance,

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