[Mono-list] What is Correct way to marshal wchar_t ?

ptr2009 ptrajkumar at gmail.com
Wed Jun 3 12:54:08 EDT 2009

hey all

 I am trying to marshal strings from managed code to native code using
DllImport. Marshalling both wchar_t* and char* works under mono on a windows

But on mac os x wchart_t marshalling does not seem to work. The wchar_t* is
all junk. I have tried to search this forum and people have talked about it
and it seems to have been fixed.

Am I missing something ? I have experimented with CharSet.Unicode on
DllImport and it still doesnt work ?

What is the recommended way ?


My cs files is something like this
[DllImport("Test.dll", EntryPoint = "Global_PrintStringW")]
 public static extern void Global_PrintStringW(
[MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.LPWStr)]string arg1);

[DllImport("Test.dll", EntryPoint = "Global_PrintStringA")]
 public static extern void Global_PrintStringA(string arg1);

        private static void StringMarshallingTest()
            string newString = "This is a cool string";

            Console.WriteLine("Global_PrintStringA Test ");

            Console.WriteLine("Global_PrintStringW Test ");

My cpp file is something like this

extern "C"
	EXPORT_API void Global_PrintStringW(const wchar_t * str)
		std::wcout << "Global_PrintStringW called with " << str << std::endl;

	EXPORT_API void Global_PrintStringA(const char* str)
		std::wcout << "Global_PrintStringA called with " << str << std::endl;

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