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Glenn R. Martin lifewarped at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 31 07:04:59 EDT 2009


I saw this on the Mono site, maybe im wrong but this looks like a JS- 
to-MSIL compiler. I was hoping there was a JS engine that has a C#  
wrapper. For example a Google V8,  or SquirrelFish wrapper for .NET.


Glenn R. Martin
On 30 Jul 2009, at 21:01 , Jedd Haberstro wrote:

> Hi Glenn,
> Currently the only implementation I know of is JScript, which is  
> unfortunately abandoned. Unless there is a lesser well known  
> implementation out there, I'm afraid you're out of luck :-(
> Jedd Orion Haberstro
> From: Glenn R. Martin <lifewarped at yahoo.com>
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> Sent: Thursday, July 30, 2009 4:54:23 PM
> Subject: [Mono-list] JavaScript
> Has anyone heard of a JavaScript engine implementation (or Wrapper)
> in .NET?
> We are looking to build a scriptable interface in one of our projects.
> Thanks
> Glenn R. Martin
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