[Mono-list] Nabble forums not working?

William Garrison mono at mobydisk.com
Fri Jul 31 00:27:32 EDT 2009

I've tried several times to register and login to the forums on 
http://www.go-mono.com/forums/ -- Who maintains these?

1) Forum registration pages don't work on Safari (OS X) - some 
javascript infinite reload loop
2) Forum registration doesn't work on Firefox (OS X): It infinitely told 
me that the captcha was wrong, when it was not.  I started over, and it 
told me I had already registered.  So then I tried to login, and it just 
takes me to a list of forums, but I am not logged-in.

There's other major issues too:
- There are no scroll bars on the forum index.  So if it displays 35 
messages per page, you only see the first 13.5 messages.  Doesn't matter 
what your screen resolution is.  And this happens on Safari and Firefox 
- There is a warning on the login page about how Nabble stores passwords 
in plaintext.

Are those forums still active and maintained?  It doesn't even seem like 
Nabble is a production-ready system.  Unless for some reason I am the 
only one having this problem (on two OS's, on 2 browsers, on 2 different 
machines -- seems unlikely): I think those forums should just be shut down.

- Moby

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