[Mono-list] asp.net conversion advice needed.

manshack_one manshack_one at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 30 16:49:16 EDT 2009

Each Access form is converted into a separate asp page.  In each page there
are options to either declare
a connection string there or use the one from web.config.  We went into each
page and made sure it's trying to use 'ConnectionString' from the web.config
file.  This works in windows with a connection string that contains
'Driver="MySql ODBC 5.1 Driver" but when you move that web.config file to
the linux box the connector/net driver that was installed there isn't called
the same thing.  On Suse all we knew to do was install the connector/net
driver according to the mono page where it talks about adding it to the GAC. 
Since it can't find a driver called 'MySQl ODBC 5.1 Driver" it seems to be
defaulting to standard odbc drivers which are not set up at all.  Honestly I
don't even know how to setup the dsn on suse using mysql.  It won't be a
problem to debug this on the server.  Right now it's just a test box

I'm not at work so I can't get a copy of the web.config right now. 
Hopefully tomorrow I'll be back in the office.

Diego Frata wrote:
> Could you show how did you configure the DSN on Windows and on Suse? And
> how
> are you trying to open the connection?
> It's always good to debug the application on the server if it's not a
> heavily used production one.
> Diego Frata
> diego.frata at gmail.com
> On Thu, Jul 30, 2009 at 3:16 PM, manshack_one
> <manshack_one at yahoo.com>wrote:
>> We're working on a project to convert MS Access applications to ASP.net
>> using
>> a product called Microtools.  It's clunky and we end up doing a lot of
>> debugging but we've been able to get Northwind to run locally after
>> conversion to ASP.net.  Problem comes in when we copy the website to the
>> server (Suse) which has Mono and the latest Mysql connector on it.  After
>> copying it over there are errors pertaining to the odbc connection when
>> you
>> pull up the screens on Mono.  What's apparent to me is that the DSN in
>> windows and the web.config file are set to a windows version of the mysql
>> driver (5.1).  When you move it over all of a sudden linux is unable to
>> match that DSN name so it defaults to the system odbc driver libodbc.so.
>>  We
>> went through the process of installing unixODBC but it's now saying there
>> is
>> no default data source set up.  Which means to me that it's still not
>> using
>> the mysql connector.
>> Would we be doing any better to put monodevelop on the linux box and
>> debug
>> the c# asp code that we get from microtools there?  Would monodevelop do
>> a
>> better job of getting the db connection to mysql?  What we're up against
>> right now is that the changes we're making in visual studio to the
>> web.config to make it work on the windows desktop don't have an
>> equivalent
>> in linux and for the life of me I can't make the web.config use the mysql
>> connector.
>> Would monodevelop have a better chance of reading the mysql connection if
>> we
>> developed on the linux box instead of the windows box?  We still have to
>> run
>> microtools and access in windows but maybe we could just push the
>> converted
>> code out to the server and debug it there so that when it's running
>> correctly in testing we'll know there is not an extra step to make it
>> talk
>> to mysql on the linux box.
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