[Mono-list] The Mono 1.0 profile.

Rolf Bjarne Kvinge rolflists at ya.com
Tue Jul 21 20:23:18 EDT 2009

> Sure, but you could just make the 1.0 profile opt-in.

Every now and then somebody checks in code that doesn't build on the 1.0
profile (this happens several times a month).

If we make the 1.0 profile opt-in, these breakages won't get fixed
immediately, which will sooner or later lead to bit rotten 1.0 code.

I'm all for making the 1.0 profile obsolete, and I don't believe having it
optionally will gain anything, since pretty soon the 1.0 profile will end up
in a non-compilable state. The community could of course provide
fixes/patches/etc, but imho it would only delay the inevitable. Besides, if
somebody needs a fix in 1.0, it would most certainly be most time-efficient
to backport that to the latest 1.0 profile enabled branch (mono 2.8) instead
of going through the head-ache it would be to make trunk (for let's say mono
3.0) work with the 1.0 profile.


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