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Mono definitely only has a subset of the .NET Framework implemented. I don't
know how much of that has to do with gaming, or what gaming features you
need. However, the easiest way to code for both platforms, is to simply
constantly test on both platforms.

SharpDevelop 2 has support for .NET and mono. It is a bit lacking as an IDE,
but it will run visual studio 2005 solutions and projects. Coding with
Visual Studio and periodontally compiling to mono on windows will ensure
compatability. I believe there are separately maintained mono plugins for
sharpdevelop 3.x if you want to compile visual studio 2008 projects to Mono.

Another thing in regards to mono on windows as opposed to mono on linux,
there are some features of mono that work in windows and not linux.
Cominterop does not work on linux. pinvoke does work, but you lack the
windows api on linux. I don't know if unity, wine or any of that changes
those rules, but even if you compile mono binaries on windows, test them on


Justin Dearing

On Tue, Jul 14, 2009 at 4:40 PM, Mark Collins <msheekhah at gmail.com> wrote:

> I got half way through a programming degree before ANSI/ISO C++, and ten
> years later have started to pick up some C#.
> I am looking to do game development using Mono and Unity, but wonder what
> resources are out there.
> Can I just stick to regular C#/.NET in Mono and get the cross platform
> ability I want, later hoping Unity will run on Linux as well, or is there a
> special subset of C#/.NET I have to program to in order to use Mono?
> What would be some good books/references that I can use to teach myself?
> Sample code, tutorials, etc.
> Mark Collins
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