[Mono-list] Service or daemon with Mono?

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Tue Jul 14 15:35:21 EDT 2009

jos_ wrote:
> Hello,
> What is the recommended way to write a service-like software in Mono?
> My first guess would be to use the normal class ServiceBase existing in Mono
> (and .NET of course). But there seems to be little information on how this
> works with Mono, and from what I've read it is not considered stable (?).

It is stable, but it only provides basic services support. It does
not support installation, for example.

> 1. Is it better to just create a normal app, turn on automatic login and run
> it at login?


> 2. Is it possible to create a daemon using Mono?

Yes. It could be as simple as running a console application
with "nohup mono app.exe &".

> 3. Is there any documentation on how to "install" the "service" if developed
> in Mono using ServiceBase (or any other method)?

Mono does not provide this documentation because almost every distro
has its own more or less similar concept of running "services".


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