[Mono-list] [ASK] NodeStore filter

dedi mdedirudianto at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 22:26:33 EDT 2009

Dear Mono masters,

I am newbie gtk# programmer, migrating from winform.
Is there any way to filter the content of NodeView instead using
Since I'm using TreeNode to make it easier to hook.
Here is the code sample:

[TreeNode (ListOnly=true)]
class Employee : TreeNode
	[TreeNodeValue (Column=0)]
	public string Name;
	[TreeNodeValue (Column=1)]
	public string Address;
	public Employee (string name, string address)
		Name = name;
		Address = address;

It's very easy to hook to the NodeView

Gtk.NodeView view = new Gtk.NodeView ();
view.NodeStore = PopulateStore (); // generate list of employee

But, if I'm using TreeModelFilter, I should use TreeStore instead of TreeNode.

TreeStore ts = new TreeStore (typeof (Employee));
// add something to treestore...
Gtk.TreeModelFilter filter = new Gtk.TreeModelFilter (ts, null);
view.Model = filter;

And it was cumbersome to set SetCellDataFunc on each cell to show the value,
since there are a lot of fields will be used.

nameColumn.SetCellDataFunc (nameCell, new Gtk.TreeCellDataFunc (RenderName));
addressColumn.SetCellDataFunc (addressCell, new Gtk.TreeCellDataFunc
// and others

Is there any way to use TreeModelFilter with custom TreeNode?
Or I missed something. CMIIW. Thank you very much.


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