[Mono-list] Couldn't create thread exception for ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem

Arthur Valadares arthursv at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Wed Jul 8 08:08:25 EDT 2009

Hi Gonzalo, thanks for the reply,

I know there is a limit, but by reading the MSDN page about
QueueUserWorkItem, it was suggested that if you request a thread beyond
the ThreadPool limit, it would wait until a thread is freed to give it
to the request, and not crash. The exception doens't even come from the
ThreadPool,but from the ExecutionEngineException. That's what led me to
believe it might not be expected behavior.

It's a callback that keeps firing and it's job is to send an image.
Since sending an image can take a while, it stays alive for some time. I
already did some work to do a consumer-producer queue, but I would like
to avoid it if possible, since my application is being built to stress
performance in exactly this point.


> Using the threadpool is ok. There's already a configurable limit (see
> mono(1)) that is roughly 15 threads per CPU. Unless you have 100cpus, I
> don't see the threadpool exhausting the number of threads you're
> creating. Do you really need to create all those extra threads?
> -Gonzalo
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