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Andreas Ericsson ae at op5.se
Tue Jul 7 03:57:53 EDT 2009

Ryan Kirkpatrick wrote:
> Ryan Kirkpatrick wrote:
>> While porting a .NET library I wrote from Windows (VS2008) to Linux 
>> (Mono 2.x) I have encountered a strange problem.
> This is a follow-up to my report of this problem about two months ago. I
> ended needing a newer version of Mono than 2.2 (namely for DbLinq), so I
> had to find a solution to this problem. Having more free CPU cycles than
> brain cycles, I set a server to downloading different revisions from the
> Mono SVN trunk (starting with the HEAD and moving back towards the 2.2
> branch), building them, and testing them with my code. After a rough
> binary search, I found the revision that broke my code, 123349, with
> this log entry:

For next time, you might want to just import the offending repository to
git and run "git bisect" on it. It would have saved you quite a bit of
bandwidth and time.

I think it's about time I start offering mono as a git repository.
Especially since git support is being added to Mono as a gsoc project.
Does anyone know how that's coming along, btw?

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