[Mono-list] MoMA - Automatic builds

Daniel Nauck dna at mono-project.de
Tue Jul 7 03:17:27 EDT 2009


afaik has Gendarme [1] also a check for Mono compability like MoMA.
And CruiseControl.NET has a Gendarme task [2]. There is also a NAnt task
for Gendame available here [3].


[1] http://www.mono-project.com/Gendarme
[3] http://dev.nauck-it.de/utilities/wiki/NAnt

galaktor schrieb:
> At the  http://www.mono-project.com/Command_Line_MoMA MoMA description  it
> says "This is helpful for people who wish to add MoMA scans to their
> automated builds". I was quite excited about this feature and then as I
> tried it the first time I noticed that the tool itself does not give any
> feedback whatsoever.
> There is no error when errors were found. I would at least have expected to
> have a list of return codes to react to, for example:
> 0: nothing found, everything is fine
> 1: anything occurred
> 2. Mono-TODOs were found
> 3. NotImplementedException found
> ...
> But instead, I would have to integrate the generated HTML into my reports on
> the build server and manually check if there were any errors. There is no
> way for the build tool (in my case NAnt and CCNET) to notice that everything
> is fine.
> So where is the actual point in using MoMA for continous integration? The
> return codes would be so easy to implement and would really have value.

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