[Mono-list] Enabling cache in XSP

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Wed Jan 28 14:45:40 EST 2009

Andrus wrote:
> I try to call XSP server from browser.
> Browser sends http GET request with if-modified-since header to XSP server.
> XSP sends back 200 response and whole file contents always.
> This makes XSP server slow and increas server load.
> How to fix this so that XSP sends correct response to if-modified-since 
> header opton if file is not changed ?

Assuming that you meant ASP.NET's StaticPageHandler: it does
not handle if-modified-since. Last time I checked MS.NET
did not support it either.

For best performance, static files must be delivered by a real
web server. This is the *default* configuration with both
ISS+ASP.NET and apache+mod_mono.

Add this to the already mentioned pros of a real-world
ASP.NET setup :)


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