[Mono-list] Problem getting Mono debugger mdb working

Tobi listaccount at e-tobi.net
Sat Jan 17 07:29:08 EST 2009

Tobi wrote:

> I have a hard time debugging some Mono runtime errors and wanted to give
> the Mono Debugger a try.
> I'm running the latest SVN version of Mono and the debugger installed to
> /opt/mono-trunk on a Debian Lenny / AMD64.
> Even a with simple "Hello World", mdb causes a SIGSEGV as soon as I try to
> run the program:

I am not sure when it happend (I'm testing new MONO SVN snaphsots about
once a week, but haven't regularly tested mdb), but when I tested the Mono
debugger with the latest SVN today, the problem was gone.

So just for the record:

mdb now seems to work fine with the SVN trunk and the 2.2 branch on AMD64.


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