[Mono-list] Qyoto project dead ?

James Mansion james at mansionfamily.plus.com
Sat Jan 17 04:36:50 EST 2009

Arno Rehn wrote:
> Well, it's under GPLv2+, as most of KDE is. But as Qt 4.5 will be available 
> under LGPL as well, we will probably add LGPL as another option.
Please do - I can't help thinking that small ISVs (and in-house devs) 
wanting to use LGPL or pay-for Qt
will make a big difference to the number of potential users and 
contributors, even if their focus would be
Qt cross platform rather than KDE per se.  Mine certainly would be - I 
like C# and Qt, but there's no way
I'm committing to a technology that *only* allows GPL delivery (ie not 
even a pay-your-way-out

Ideally, I'd ask you to match Qt for non-GPL free software (it was 
already compatible with BSD code,
for example, hence the good stuff in PC-BSD) but LGPL probably fixes it 
anyway.  So would a
linking exception, which is arguable cleaner as soon as you get any 
generics etc anyway.

I *know* people like their GTK and I *know* the Mono team has done a 
pretty good job with WinForms,
but I can't help thinking that Mono and Qt would be awesome.


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