[Mono-list] Ann: NUnit 2.5 Beta 2 Release - Good News and Bad News

Charlie Poole charlie at nunit.com
Fri Jan 16 14:36:10 EST 2009

Hi All,

The good news is that NUnit 2.5 beta 2 is out. The bad is that
I postponed fixing problems under Mono in order to get it out.
Currently, I don't advise trying to use the WinForms gui, but
I believe it's reasonable to use the console runner.

I'll be concentrating on the Mono side for the next drop and
I'm looking for folks to help with that effort. Contact
me offline if you'd like to help.

Here's the full announcement...

The second Beta of NUnit 2.5 is now available. It includes some
new features beyond the first beta, in particular:

* The ability to write and test Theories, in addition to normal,
  example-based tests.

* Source code display at the point of errors in the Gui. 

In case you missed it, important highlights of the first beta 

* Parameterized tests, with a set of attributes that allow you
  to supply data to your tests in different ways.

* Test methods may be static and generic methods are supported.

* Generic test fixtures may be instantiated multiple times with
  different type parameters.

* Tests may be run using a separate thread and the Apartment State
  may be specified individually for a test, fixture or assembly.

* Tests may be run in a separate process using the CLR version
  of your choice.

* A timeout value may be specified so that tests are cancelled
  if they get into an infinite loop.

For the full story of this release the release notes at 
http://nunit.org/?p=releaseNotes&r=2.5. You may download the
release at http://nunit.org/?p=downloads.


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