[Mono-list] Config issue - Could not load file or assembly 'mod-mono-server2,

cb7 cbrownell7 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 14 08:41:14 EST 2009


   I'm just getting used to Mono, but am having a hard time getting mono and
mod_mono version 2 setup and going. I keep getting internal server errors
when viewing the page, and see this in the error log when I try to access an
.aspx page:
System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly
'mod-mono-server2, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=0738eb9f132ed756' or one of its
dependencies. The s
ystem cannot find the file specified.
File name: 'mod-mono-server2, Version=, Culture=neutral,
  at (wrapper xdomain-invoke) System.AppDomain:CreateInstanceAndUnwrap
  at (wrapper remoting-invoke-with-check)
System.AppDomain:CreateInstanceAndUnwrap (string,s
  at System.Web.Hosting.ApplicationHost.CreateApplicationHost (System.Type
hostType, System.
String virtualDir, System.String physicalDir) [0x00000] 
  at Mono.WebServer.VPathToHost.CreateHost (Mono.WebServer.ApplicationServer
server, Mono.We
bServer.WebSource webSource) [0x00000] 
  at Mono.WebServer.ApplicationServer.GetApplicationForPath (System.String
vhost, Int32 port
, System.String path, Boolean defaultToRoot) [0x00000] 
  at (wrapper remoting-invoke-with-check)
Path (string,int,string,bool)
  at Mono.WebServer.ModMonoWorker.GetOrCreateApplication (System.String
vhost, Int32 port, S
ystem.String filepath, System.String virt) [0x00000] 
  at Mono.WebServer.ModMonoWorker.InnerRun (System.Object state) [0x00000] 
  at Mono.WebServer.ModMonoWorker.Run (System.Object state) [0x00000] 
[Wed Jan 14 07:29:01 2009] [error] (70014)End of file found: read_data
[Wed Jan 14 07:29:01 2009] [error] Command stream corrupted, last command
was -1

My httpd.conf file is not modified except for this:
Include conf/mod_mono.conf
MonoAutoApplication enabled
MonoServerPath /usr/bin/mod-mono-server2
MonoApplications  "/:/var/www/html"

<Location /mono>
  SetHandler mono-ctrl
  Order deny,allow
  Deny from all
  Allow from

and from what I can see mod-mono-server2 is in the path, and have tried this
without the MonoServerPath directive. 

The test page I hit is this and the control panel shows up fine:
<%@ Page Language="C#"%>


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