[Mono-list] Mono version for Windows - why is there one?

Kornél Pál kornelpal at gmail.com
Wed Jan 7 09:35:23 EST 2009


.NET Framework is just a part of Windows so it makes sense to have a 
Windows port of Mono. This also helps making Mono more platform independent.

You may also find useful to test your applications on Windows with Mono 
even if you target Linux because it is very similar to the Linux port.

On the other hand you even can embed Mono to your application and take 
advantage of being able to strip unneeded parts to shrink the deployment 


niknil wrote:
> I've just started looking at Mono, and wonder why there is a Windows version
> available for download? Since Mono is a .NET port for Linux etc, it seems to
> me that it wouldn't be useful on Windows since .NET is already there. Sounds
> a bit like a Wine version for Windows. Obviously, I must be missing
> something, but what?

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