[Mono-list] Running Mono on Embedded Linux

Cliff Brake cliff.brake at gmail.com
Tue Jan 6 15:35:00 EST 2009

On Tue, Dec 30, 2008 at 3:25 AM, NirS <nirs at cardguard.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> - I have a small client application written in C# (.Net 2.0) and running
> perfectly on XP.
> - I want to run this application on a terminal (A 10" LCD screen) with the
> following specifications:
>  1. OS: Embedded Linux
>  2. Processor: TI Davinci (ARM: 300mhz, DSP: 600mhz)
>  3. 128MB NAND flash
>  4. 256MB DDR2 SDRAM
> - In addition the application (which is generally very simple and light)
> should have the following abilities:
>  1. Connecting the WEB via HTTP requests and respond
>  2. Connecting USB devices (via SerialPort)
>  3. Have a (minimal) GUI designed by Visual Studio designer
> - Should it be possible to install Mono on the machine mentioned above and
> run it?

Yes, I have 3 clients running Mono on ARM CPUs.  The first is a 190MHz
board EP9302 CPU (fairly slow ARM) and has has a 14,000 SLOC C# app
running, and does well.  In the second application we ran a small mono
app for about a year in production, then switched to Vala to get
better startup time.  The 3rd application is still in evaluation on a
PXA270 CPU, but reports from the customer indicate things are running
fairly well, and they are trying difficult/large test cases, etc.
There have been a few minor issues, but overall, it is a great
solution.  We've been very pleased.

There are Mono recipes in OpenEmbedded that build Mono for ARM


Cliff Brake

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