[Mono-list] Multi Platform Database for Mono Applications

RightPaddock urbanetiger at lavabit.com
Wed Feb 11 07:44:38 EST 2009


I am considering using Mono to develop an specific purpose image browser for
use on Windows, MAC/OS and Linux systems.

To meet performance requirements the application requires a database to
store thumbnails and search data.

I am looking for suggestions for "database" products that run on Windows,
MAC/OS and Linux that do not require use of technologies such as VMWare or
Parallels that I can use from within a Mono/C# environment.

The application along with the database and the images will be distributed
on DVD at no cost to "qualified" users, so I'm looking for a zero cost run
time database system. The application must run stand-alone - i.e. no
network, no servers. I anticipate installing the software on users system
from the DVD, but images and the database would normally be accessed from
the DVD.

The thumbnails and search data would be imported from the original image
files, the latter being sourced from embedded IPTC metadata such as keywords
and supplemental categories.

The thumbnail and IPTC metadata are injected into the image files using a
commercial Digital Asset Management (DAM) application.

I don't insist that the "database" be SQL compliant, b-tree indexes would
probably suffice. As long as the same database or index files can be used
from within the same Mono application running on Windows, MAC/OS or Linux.


Addenda 1 : If anyone knows of an image browser that runs on Win, Mac &
Linux, that can do FAST searches on ,000's of images using the IPTC
Supplemental Category and Keyword fields could they please let me know.

Addenda 2 : I'm leaning towards SQLite, an embedded library is probably
better for this project, as opposed to products that use a separate process
- such as MySQL.
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